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People can learn so much in a very short amount of time thanks to workshops and crash courses. Tell me how you want your students or employees to improve and I’ll meet them where they are.

Make employees & students understand core concepts quickly

Workshops are great for organisations who want to get people curious about new technologies or complementary skills they might need for their future. 

For employees, it can also help them gain a better understanding of team responsibilities and what exactly their tech colleagues can do for them. As an ex Business Analyst managing multiple projects, trust me when I say it helps to understand what other teams are doing on their day-to-day. Time and money are saved when people understand what other team members do.

For employers, you can also improve your communication with designers, developers and others. Understanding the core of coding not only makes you communicate better with softwares engineers. It makes you earn their respect.

You can ask me to create and lead workshops or crash courses for your company, University or school. My domains of expertise are:

  • Basics of coding (Python, Ruby, Dart, Javascript) workshops / crash course
  • Basics of mobile application development workshops / crash course
  • How to better communicate with developers
  • Basics of UI / UX handover between designers and developers
  • HTML / CSS workshop / crash course

Need a made on measure workshop / crash course? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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