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The objective of every website and mobile application is pretty simple. Get the user to become a customer, as fast as possible. When this is done, retain him as long as possible on the platform. This is where UI and UX comes into play.

What are UI & UX

Your platform requires an intuitive user flow so that the user knows where you want them to click. This is the role of User Experience, commonly known as UX.

User Interface, known as UI, then creates the desire in the user to return to the brand, by creating an appealing platform. In other words, it makes you look good.

UI and UX are often underestimated by companies. As a result, many companies die in their first months after launching. The impact of UI and UX can actually be monitored and it is safe to say that, the stats show that it should never be neglected.

As a designer, website, eCommerce and mobile application developer, I understand the correlation between design and coding. With that, I can create designs that your customer will love and your developer(s) can code.

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