tuition based learning


Starting from S$60 / hour

Adults Coding 101

Coding is the highest in-demand skill on the market. Learn the basics to maximize your opportunities
Get that code in my brain !
  • First lesson free if you don't continue
  • From 15 years old
  • Choose Python, JavaScript or Ruby
  • Approx 10 hours total
  • Smooth Interactions
  • Adapted to your Pace
  • Great Support
  • Improves Creativity
  • Improves Logical Thinking
  • Improves Social Skills
  • Teaches Problem Solving Mindset
  • Huge Demand on the Job Market
Starting from S$80 / hour

Children Coding 101

Give your children more chances to succeed in the future as well as crafting their mind in an incredible way
Keep my children busy !
  • First lesson free if you don't continue
  • From 10 to 15 years old
  • Teaching Python
  • Smooth Interactions
  • Adapted to their Pace
  • Great Support
  • Improves Creativity
  • Improves Logical Thinking
  • Improves Social Skills
  • Teaches Problem Solving Mindset
  • Prepare Their Future
worth up to S$7,000

Mobile App Course

Learn how to create your very first mobile application by learning a coding language that was created by GOOGLE
Get me started !
  • Course Fees: $3,000
    (value worth for $7,000)
  • Life Access to all Future content
  • From 15 years old
  • Approx 70 hours total
  • Learn Most Loved App Language
  • Learn #1 App Language in the World
  • Single Based Code
  • Easy to Learn
  • Become a Freelancer
  • Become an App Developer
  • Upskill your tech skills
  • Kickstart your tech career
  • Huge Demand for Mobile App Devs
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Mobile app development

I can make you the mobile app of your dreams. Tell me your needs.
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Coding classes

I can teach you the basics of Python and how to make the mobile app of your dreams… among other things. At university, from home, in private or group lessons. Tell me how you want me to teach you, your child, employees or students.
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Websites & eCommerce development

It takes less than 5 seconds for a person who visits your website to form an idea of what you are selling. And if that message is unclear, that person would have left. That's all it takes... 5 seconds. Depending on your buyer profile, we can decide a solution which is best for your growth and sales together.
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UI & UX design

The objective of every website and mobile application is pretty simple. Get the user to become a customer, as fast as possible. When this is done, retain him as long as possible on the platform. This is where UI and UX comes into play.
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Photography, content & digital Marketing

With the understanding a website is not complete without great content and digital marketing, I collaborate with the best to make your website sparkle in the eyes of your customers.
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One time coding workshops

People can learn so much in a very short amount of time thanks to workshops and crash courses. Tell me how you want your students or employees to improve and I’ll meet them where they are.
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