So you’re thinking of launching that online store


commerce has changed the way people buy products. In between the time of brick-and-mortar havens to getting your groceries delivered to your home, a lot has happened (Ahem, COVID). If you have not already seized the opportunity to launch an online store, well, it’s time.

Why you should have your own eCommerce platform

Customers come to you because they feel you get them. 

They appreciate your values because you offer an eco-conscious body scrub that appeared on their screens with the most humorous caption.

Because it is difficult to share those values on the big eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and more, there is a huge opportunity that small businesses should take advantage of, in the proper curation of their online presence. While it is hardly possible to compete with Amazon for best prices or quickest delivery time (they have their own airline, guys), you can compete on the emotional front.

The moment a user encounters your eCommerce platform, they have to feel an affinity with your voice. This is something only a small business can synthetically personalize.

This is not to say you should over-exaggerate or idealize your core values. Don’t cheat your customers. Be sincere. 

Your website is like a second home for your customers. Don't cheat them. Be honest, sincere and share the same values which made them want to spend time with you in the first place. A happy customer will always come back and be your best ad and marketing campaign

Your customers are smart

Never underestimate the people who love and cherish you. They prefer to pay more in order to support you. They know that by buying directly from you, they are helping you financially. In exchange, they need you to be honest and sensitive to their needs. Make sure you thank them with small but appreciable gestures.

Whether it’s a nice thank you message after payment is processed or some other creative way to engage them, easter eggs make your customer feel seen. This is just part of customer service.

Customer service makes the difference

Ask any brick-and-mortar what the most important thing has been for their business, and it’s likely they’ll answer customer service. Likewise, the fact remains the same even with a change to an online format.

On an online platform, customer service looks a little different. It comes in the form of ease in using the platform, as well as pleasantness with respect to their aesthetic appreciation of the site.

As you manage aspects of your customer service, treat it as an extra opportunity to ensure that customers return for more and influence others to do the same.

Make a good first impression with your website

Asking for help to build your eCommerce website is not something you should feel abashed about. There is no shame in spending money on making sure the first encounter your customer has with your business is the best it can be. After all, attracting new customers is always easier and cheaper than trying to get back ones who have seen what they must and left. 

The reality is that whether your customer becomes loyal to your business for the next ten years often depends on how the first five seconds of your website tests with them. 

Not messing up that crucial point of the process is something I help you with.

Let's build this together

Making beautiful websites and eCommerce platform is something I can do for you. You can find more information by visiting this page. Let's build a second home for your customers.