Listen to your customers & launch fast


here are many common mistakes that businesses make, even before they launch. Here are some of the most fatal, and the simple maneuvers you can do to save yourself from them.

#1: Define ONE problem

The main goal for a company is to create products and services that people are gonna use, solving one or many problems they have. The rest is a luxury and nice to have.

This starts with the assumption of what the problem is. Qualitative and quantitative studies are tools to support your instinct that a problem exists and has yet to be solved. The problem could either be one that’s not solved yet, or one that could be solved in a much better way than what your competition is suggesting right now.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs get bogged down by the multifarious and interconnecting issues faced by their customers. They think they must have the ultimate product or service to tackle a mammoth of this proportion.

They forget that nothing is perfect from the beginning. It takes time to build something worthwhile.

To avoid this trap, force yourself to simplify your problem and put it to words.

#2: Listen to your Customer

The most important thing a business should do is to discuss with their customers and hear their needs.

As simple and self-evident as this instruction sounds, many companies fail to do this adequately and for a variety of reasons.

Anxious startups may skip qualitative and quantitative data collection processes to save on time and money. Arrogant small businesses may solely rely on empirical evidence and self-belief to make important decisions.

Don't try to reach excellence, to be the champion or to build the perfect product. Instead, focus on building fast the best product your customer can use right now. Improve it from there with time. The most important thing is TO GET THINGS DONE

The truth is, without proper consultation of a real customer base, the solution your company claims to solve is imaginary. Having a clear visualization of your audience and their pain points informs every business decision at every step of the way. This is why the most successful businesses pump in huge amounts of money just to construct their unique buyer personas in excruciating detail, some even going so far as to have live-sized models of their personas in the office.

#3: Launch fast and get feedback

When setting up a business or launching a website, the most important thing to do is to carry out your first release of your product or platform as fast as possible. 

Only then can you truly get to the live process of validating and developing your product or platform. Once your platform is live, you should get as much feedback as possible from your customers to improve your product. And this glorious feedback loop goes on for as long as your business lasts - a perpetual cycle of building, testing, building and testing.

You can even start to tackle another main problem you've noticed on the market and create a new product that will solve it. Or make different versions of a product that solves one problem, but in different variants such as colors, quality, materials etc.

When you know you solved one problem with your product, as evidenced by sales and profits, you can start creating more by following the exact same process.

So if you are my customer, what is your problem?

Let’s start with that. What do you need me to solve?
Do you need a website to improve on branding? Do you need an eCommerce platform to reach out to a larger audience? Do you need a mobile app to consolidate every aspect of your multi-faceted business into one convenient place? Or do you need to upgrade your technical knowledge on coding to kickstart your own business?

The customer is the one you must listen from the very beginning and continuing listening to continually improve and propose the best products and services. If you need me, you are my customer and my focus is all yours

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